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Hajj & Umrah

Hajj, or the pilgrimage to Mecca. in Saudi Arabia is a once-in- a-lifetime obligation for those Muslims who have the physical and financial ability to undertake the journey. Hajj activities take place during six days (8th-13th) of the Islamic lunar month of Dhul-Hijjah.

It is also a form of worship that involves the entire being: body, mind and soul. Muslims perform Hajj in order to visit for themselves the holy sites from where their religion originated. More importantly it is a pilgrimage to the Kaaba, which is believed to be the first place of worship ever built on this earth.

The Umrah is a Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca that can be undertaken at any time of the year. It is sometimes called the inor pilgrimageor lesser pilgrimage(the Hajj being the ajor pilgrimage).Though the Umrah is not compulsory but is highly recommended, So says the Islamic tradition.

Saadia Tours and Travels offers devotees an excellent opportunity for Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage at very competitive prices. We offer the devotees necessary accommodation, infrastructure, high quality food, travel assistance inside Saudi Arabia at various budget levels. 

We consider it our duty to ensure that each and every pilgrim experiences a comfortable, hassle free and safe Umrah or Hajj journey. We strive to remain fair and honest in all our dealings, delivering what we promise.


    • Tailor made packages on request
    • Airport services receiving and assistance
    • Guider for performing all the rituals speaking many languages
    • Special trips services for group.
    • Medical Assistance
    • Providing Twenty-four hours Hello (telephonic) assistance
    • Comfortable accommodation in Mina, Arafat & Madinah
    • Individual Assistance available on request